Sunday, September 20, 2015

Today is the day we remember Jonah, the prophet.

The Bible story has often been read as a tale of disobedience, and I guess that's in there. It also seems like Jonah had a bad attitude about it all, too, complaining when God didn't actually destroy Nineveh. But, I don't know. He was so well regarded that his tomb was venerated for centuries before Marauding Muslims destroyed it last year. And, if I ever visit Iraq, and it looks less and less likely by the day, I will go to the place where his tomb used to be. So, there's more there than a disobedient man with a chip on his shoulder.

Anyway, we can think about Jonah today and give thanks for his life.


Here's the thing I finally wrote on the readings for last Sunday (yesterday):


And here's a picture of me with my new bear plate! There was a guy selling plates on the street outside the lane I live on and I couldn't resist this one. Who could! So now I own two plates, and one of them is a bear plate. Life doesn't get much better than that.

 Here's a close-up:

Have a good day everybody.

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