Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I've been looking for a good sermon on last week's gospel lesson. I kind of wanted to write my thing for Episcopal Cafe on the gospel, but I got interested in the Proverbs reading. I am almost never interested in Proverbs with it's talk of good wives and pithy advice. It makes me feel like it should be in the Ladies Home Journal. I am not a lady, and I don't have a home... It's just not my book. But I was interested in it last week so that's what I did my thing on. Another reason I didn't write on the gospel is  that it would have taken me awhile to work out all the twists in the story, I would have gone on and on about Heidegger, and my essay would have been too long.

This week I am thinking about the little children, and especially about that little boy found dead on the beach. Welcome the little children he says... and this is what we give him.

I was also struck by this one statement "They were afraid to ask..." Really?

The new job is going well. It's hard, but I like it. I am finding my spot among the other teachers. The students run from delightful to wild beasts. Some have a very low level of English Language ability and they are mixed in with higher ability children so that's interesting.

Rain for the past two days, but I think it's supposed to clear off today. Rain again for the weekend which may get in the way of my electrical bicycle riding, but not much.

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