Friday, September 18, 2015

I took a little tour around town today on my new scooter. It felt nice to be out and about on my own: No taxi, no subway... just turning where I want to, stopping when I feel like it. I rode down to The Bund -- Wai Tan, as we call it in Shanghai -- stopping for lunch, shopping, and walking around.

This is looking across the HungPu River into PuDong. That funny looking building is the Oriental Pearl Tower. It's a radio tower, but you can also go up in the middle ball and have a meal or visit an observation deck. You may recall that we did that several years ago. It's a good thing to do, but but not the kind of thing you need to repeat.

I just call this the hideous new building. You can see that the Jin Mao tower stands, stately, in the shower of the new building. It's supposed to look like it's twisting, and it does look that way. But, why? I just have a soft spot for the Jim Mao Tower.

I am still taking my selfies in the old fashioned way of holding a small camera at arms length. I was one of the few people on Wai Tan who did not have one of those dangerous and ubiquitious selfie-sticks. I would be surprised if someone hasn't put an eye out by now. I really would.

I would be hard pressed to say that I actually DID anything, but somehow it took all day. Finally, I was back at home sweet home:

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