Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Solomon was wise,
A big-shot murderer too.
God loved all of him.

The RCL readings for this week include a reading from the books of Kings. It starts in I Kings 2:10-12, and then it skips to chapter 3:3-14. When the lectionary skips like that, it always makes me go, hummm.

It is easy enough to just look at all the good stuff, like the readings do. But the verses it leaves out are pretty telling, I think. And I think they are hopeful. Yes... those verses about murder, betrayal, deceit. That is hopeful to me because it means that I don't have to be all wise and good to be in God's favor. Because I am not.

We all have a dark side. I wonder why the lectionary isn't showing us Solomon's. It seems to me that if we deny the darkness in Solomon, we might deny it in ourselves too, and our institutions. I don't think that's very smart.

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