Monday, August 17, 2015

In the gospel reading this morning we see that the leaders of the religious institution are afraid of the crowds. Sometimes I think that not much has changed. The religious leaders still live in fear of "the sheep." That is why they call us sheep. Because they are afraid, bless their hearts.

Absolom did something interesting. I don't think I've ever noticed this before. But, he knew that there wouldn't be anyone to build a monument to him, so he set one up himself. For some of us it's not a bad idea. There won't be anyone to put a stone on my grave, I know that, and probably very few who will even remember me. But all of us can leave some kind of monument. Hopefully it's not a stone in the desert! But we have our lives, the investments we make in others. That's a kind of monument. 

I think the worst of my spring cold is behind me. I had a pretty good night's sleep and I feel ready to go again. Like a puny little baby I have been taking taxis to work, but I'll take the train today. I feel ready to face the hoary masses of humanity, their smells, and jostles. I complain, but it is interesting to me to see what they wear. Shanghainese really dress up. I am sure they think I am a countryside person, which I am, because I don't wear the high heels and sparkly things. I do put on a nice suit every day, and the patent leather shoes... but nothing on me sparkles. I am going to work, after all, not the disco. Though, I do admit to a penchant for the patent leather.

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