Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sometimes I wonder about the parables. I mean, why not just speak out plainly? I love the parables, they re great stories. But it seems like they've caused a lot of trouble among the literalists, and even among those who are really trying to understand. You do have to have a little knowledge of the first century to sort of "get it." They were going to kill Jesus anyway. Maybe he had some hope of not being found out, though, if he spoke in parables. I don't know. 

Paul and Barnabas had a chance to be gods. I wonder how Christianity would be different if they hadn't resisted, if Paul had looked over at Barnabas and said, "Hey, dude... this is great... we're Gods!" I wonder if they were even tempted. The reading makes it seem like it was a no-brainer for them, but I wonder. Sometimes I am tempted when people say that I am "the best teacher," or something. Of course, I am not. But I will admit to a little trill when I hear it. If somebody said that I was Hermes! I am pretty sure I'd at least try it out for a day or two.

But the heroine of today’s readings is Abigail, Nabal’s wife (I Sam 25) It was Abigail’s quick thinking and willingness to grovel that saved the day.

I always say I don’t mind groveling a little if it’ll get me what I want. I think Abigail knew that lesson too.

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