Monday, July 20, 2015

I've been thinking about poor Uriah the Hittite all day. I know it's not the reading scheduled for today. I must have forgotten to change the year on my thing... sometimes I do that. But, anyway, I read about Uriah today and he really got a bum deal  Here's a guy with all the integrity, and look what happened to him. If only he'd gone down to his house and enjoyed some time with his wife. But, no. So, he died. And Bathsheba's baby died too, btw. And, David... what of him? He had hundreds of women he could have had sex with. Why Bathsheba? It's all just so sad. Well, especially for Uriah.

I had a nice day. A good night of sleep really is what I need. If I could sleep like that every night I'd have it made. I had dreams, lucid dreams, and a gentle re-awakening. And I felt so strong all day. It's a mystery to me where we might go in our sleep and how we get back.

In Burma there was a belief that when people go to sleep their soul can take flight, like a butterfly, and enjoy its freedom. The thing is, the soul has to return to the body before it wakes up. Usually the soul is very good about this. Here's the thing, though, if there's a loud noise or something and the body wakes up before the soul gets back then it's very bad news for that body and soul because they are separated forever. That is why the Burmese whom the British hired as their man servants and valets would hesitate to wake their masters. Thus the British began to characterize the Burmans as stupid and incompetent. The Burmans, however, believed that they were saving their master's lives.

I rather favour the Burmese way.

I like a little time between sleep and the clanging world. It is such an assault if one is not properly prepared. For me, the hours between the bed and the world are when I put on the armour of God. Without it, I'd be overwhelmed. But, if I can take a little time, acknowledge what has gone on during the night, and brace myself... well, then I can handle it.

Speaking of Burma, Ko Ko Gyi is going to run for president on the NLD ticket. I know most people were hoping that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would be allowed to run, but the elections law has not been changed, and for other reasons too, I am pleased to see Ko Ko Gyi run. He is actually a member of The 88 Student Generation Party, but they have a lot in common with NLD. I think that there won't be any problems on that account. The NLD uncles are too old to run, and Ko Ko Gyi will be a formidable opponent to the current regime.

Last Sunday was Martyrs Day in Burma. It's the day we remember the assassination of the Bogyoke Aung San and his eight comrades. They were meeting in the Secretariat Building in Yangon when armed thugs broke in and opened fire. I have mixed feelings about the direction Aung San was headed. And, like everyone, I wonder how Burma might have been different if he'd lived. But, I do love him in a way.

I miss Burma.

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