Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I think the tadpoles have been made into frogs already. In any event, there weren't any tadpoles last time I checked the pond.

Here are the latest photos:

I took this shot of a leaf and then I put the leaf in the water so you can see how big the tadpoles are:

See, pretty big...

You can see the very beginnings of some legs on this one:

 And here are the fish. They didn't let me get a very good shot on this day, but I like this one because there are two of them in there:

When it started raining I took shelter in here. Bamboo makes a nice canopy so I didn't get wet at all. Of course, I could have just gone inside. I just now thought of that.

Here are some of the flowers:

So, look, I'll go back to the park soon to see if I can see any frogs. I'll try to go at night. One of my favorite memories of living in Venice Gardens (Wuxi) is going out to the garden late an night and sitting quietly, just listening. I could hear fish jumping, wings winging, all kinds of animal sounds, and I don't think the animals knew I was there. Even in this busy part of Shanghai we have this island of quiet. And, of course, the lane on Tong Ren... maybe the best place in town.

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