Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baptism of Jesus

Regarding the baptism of Jesus, a friend recently pointed out to me that in Matthew (the reading we have today) and Luke the heavens are opened, but in Mark they are torn open. That sounds like a completely different thing to me.

We can open a door, a window. We choose to open ourselves in various ways. But opening is at the discretion of the opener. If something is torn... well, that's completely different.

Of course it's about creation. Birth and creation go together. And I would like to think that it's easy to create something new, smooth sailing. But I think we have to wonder.

Just thinking out loud this morning.

I wrote a haiku about it:

opened gently or
were the heavens torn open
ripped, bleeding, and sore?


  1. Always reminds me of the crucifixion when the veil of the temple was torn in two.

  2. Yes. We talked about that too. It doesn't say the veil opened, does it? It says it was torn, just like in the Mark reading. I don't know what it means. Just drawing lines.